Our Sustainability Story

Your Local Dairy

For the Gibson Family of Lochmead Farms and Dairy, sustainability is more than a trendy catch phrase; it’s the foundation of a family business that has been part of the Willamette Valley for four generations. Since 1941 when Howard and Gladys Gibson started farming near Junction City, we’ve been passionately dedicated to the land and the animals we care for.

• 100% of Lochmead Farms’ milk comes from the 620 Holstein cows that have been born and raised on the 3,000 acre family farm, located only 4 miles away from our processing plant.

• The farm also grows 70% of the dairy’s feed rations. As well as the peppermint oil that is used in the Oregon Mint Fudge and Peppermint Candy flavors.

• Our milk goes from cow to customer within 48 hours and is sold within a 40 mile radius of the dairy farm.

• This close proximity of farmer to customer is the first step in sustainability and has an obvious, but not yet measured, lowering of the dairy’s carbon footprint. Ice cream doesn’t get much more sustainable than this!


• As a member of Quality Chekd Dairies, our processing plant has earned Superior rating every year since 2008. This seal of approval confirms the standards that we require of ourselves and proves to you that our products meet the highest quality criteria.

• Lochmead Farms will not, and has never, used the artificial growth hormone, rBST, on our cows.

• Our ice cream is a delicious tasting product that does not contain any artificial colors. Therefore, our Oregon Mint Fudge is not green!

• Honest to our customers and true to
our traditions, we are one of the few
REAL Half Gallons left on the market. Most companies have reduced their package size to 56 or 48 oz, while Lochmead still maintains our 64 oz carton so that you can enjoy more of your favorite flavor.

• We are the only label with a local, family owned and operated, single-sourced dairy. We do not bottle milk from any cows other than the “ladies” born and raised on our dairy.

Energy Conservation

• Lochmead has recently installed 13 solar cells onto the processing plant and Dari Mart stores that will have a total 200 kWh solar capacity.

• Additionally, both the stores and processing plant have installed the latest energy efficient lighting systems. LED fixtures are being used around the milk to protect against the oxidation effect of ultraviolet light from standard fluorescent bulbs. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it’s one more step we take to ensure the freshness of your milk.

• Throughout the processing plant, motion detection lighting is being used to turn the lights on and off.

• Overall, we have calculated a 26.1% potential reduction of carbon emissions from our dairy practices.

Our Legacy

Back when Howard and Gladys Gibson started their family farm on a 120 acre patch of paradise, they set out to not only make a living, but also a way of life. And we’re proud to build on that legacy through our enduring commitment to family, community and quality.

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