Our Products

Passionate. Dedicated. Sustainable. That's Lochmead.
Lochmead Farms and Lochmead Dairy, owned and operated by our family, work together to provide fresh, wholesome dairy products. Lochmead Farms grows a variety of crops that not only supply feed for our herd, but also provide some of the delicious ingredients found in our ice cream. Our cows are born and raised on the farm, where under the watchful eye of our herdsman, they grow to be strong and healthy, producing great-tasting milk and cream.

Four miles down the road, our Lochmead Dairy processing
plant bottles the farm's milk and turns the cream into a
delicious dessert. With other ingredients from the farm,
such as peppermint oil, and hazelnuts, we are able to
produce a full-flavored, premium ice cream.
Lochmead Dairy has its own distribution route to our
Dari Mart stores and to other wholesale and resale markets.